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I LOVE ARABIC: A Full Program For None-Native speakers

Series’ objectives:

I LOVE ARABIC series aims to make none-native speakers in contact with writing and speaking arabic. In order to enrich this objective, the series gives studier educational contents which help him/her to use Arabic- from the beginning stages; and the opportunity to practice what he/she has learnt in real communication positions.

Curriculum’s Philosoophy:

The series covers all educational levels, according to international quality standards in the teaching of modern languages; throughout providing a linguistic approach to keep pace with evolving modern requirements, and creating learning situations which allow interaction between the teacher and learner.

Each stage of the program includes 3 books:

Teacher’s book,

Student’s book,

Exercises book.

In addition to audio - visual supports:

Cards and paintings,

Vocal lessons,

Arabic – English dictionary

Cultural Content:

Series’ allocated period:

Every stage includes 100 courses (40 minutes for each course): 75 courses for teacher’s book, and 25 courses for student’s book.

The series shows Arabic cultural patterns in attractive and interesting style. It also provides the child with various sources of common general knowledge. The series’ Topics take place in the world of student interests such as: hobbies, games, home and school life, child’s neighbors, and friends, animals, geographical and historical information, and scientific facts.

 Presentation methods:

The series use variety of methods to make the lesson interesting for the child, such as: stories and songs, songs and dialogues, linguistic and functional games, entertainment designed to raise the motivation of pupils and their orientation, and exploit the tendency of children to drawing and coloring and teamwork.

Each book of the series includes a number of tests to evaluate and measure student progress in learning the language, the test is shown after each educational unit.

The curriculum relies extensively on image, even up to the student in the content pleased, without resorting to an intermediate language, so that the student finds an opportunity for reflection and expression in Arabic.

Illustrated Dictionary

Each book of the series contains an illustrated dictionary (given at the end of the book), which includes sensory words that came in lessons, so lively sense remains in the student's memory. This dictionary is prepared for the future use of Arabic dictionary.

Vocabulary List:

The last pages of each book contain all vocabulary, which are in alphabetical order.

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